Con Dao Island

Visiting Bach Dinh History Relic

Bach Dinh History Relic are where architectural has luxury properties, harmony and majesty, fortress and has beautiful views along the coast. Bach Dinh is one of the most famous monuments and attracts more tourists to visit this place on the tour to Vung Tau.
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Tiger Cages zone to control prisoners in Con Dao

Con Dao prisons as well known with 'Tiger Cage Zone' is one of the largest and oldest prisons in Vietnam. In 113 years of existence (1862-1975), it has imprisoned and banished thousands of Vietnamese revolutionaries and patriots. Discovering Tiger Cages is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Con Dao.
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Ho Tram beach beauty romantic and tranquil

Ho Tram beach tourist destination ideal in Vung Tau province, Ho Tram provides for the nicest beach in the area combining unspoiled waters with a large and wide beach of clear sand and is an  week-end destinations for Ho Chi Minh City residents and the other region, it has rapidly where become the earliest tourism famous of Vietnam
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Monkey pagoda in Long Hai

Monkey pagoda in Long Hai Town, Long Dien District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. Besides natural beauty, tourists can watch the monkey gather and play together in the daytime. it has become a popular destination for tourists looking to catch a glimpse of the area’s monkeys and sample vegetarian fare in pagoda
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Beautiful panoramic of Bay Canh island

Bay Canh Island to the east of main island Con Son is the most popular spot, offering visitors the most varied experience. It has an area of 683 hectares, mostly covered by rainforest full of rare species, as well as some mangrove forest. It also has the most sea turtles laying eggs. 
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Long Tan Nui Dat Battle Field Relic

On a one day journey to Vung Tau, you will have a unique chance to visit some of the famous sights from the Vietnam War. Tour guide and war veterans will take you on a historical journey, as you will have an opportunity to visit the Long Tan Nui Dat Battle Field, that is relic area famous history, is destinations ideal for traveler at homelands as well as on nationwide
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Long Phuoc Tunnel In Vung Tau

Long Phuoc Tunnel locates in Long Phuoc Commune, about 8 km away from the center of Ba Ria town to the northeast. Because it has the important strategic location of military affair, Long Phuoc has always been
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Eat and meet in Con Dao Island

Everything is imported to Con Dao when it comes to eating, so the price of a good meal here reflects that. Food is more expensive than on the mainland, but there are some very tasty eats to be had.
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Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park is centered on an archipelago of 14 islands, the largest of which is Con Son. The topography of Con Son Island is mountainous and dominated by a granite ridge which runs from south-west to north-east
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Con Dao Island Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Guide Con Dao Islands (also known as Poulo Condore) are an archipelago of 15 islands situated in the South China Sea. The island is famed for its grizzly past: due its remoteness, the French used the main island of Con Son
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Vung Tau Beach Vietnam

Vung Tau is the main city of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province , located at the south of Viet nam and 125km far from Ho Chi Minh city.The city is a very popular destination for the weekend holiday with the people who are living at Ho Chi Minh city
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