Phu Quoc Island

Nightly squid fishing in Phu Quoc

A Trip the fishing and to go squid fishing at sunset and night times are the interesting activities while you are on Phu Quoc island. That is experience your self as a fisherman and enjoy the achievements from the fishing, this is particular interesting for the group of friends or family.
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Visiting Ham Ninh fishing village in Phu Quoc

The Ham Ninh fishing village is local at Ham Ninh Commune, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province, it's the ancient fishing village which appeared a really long time ago. It's famous for wonderful beaches and delicious culinary. Though Phu Quoc tourism is developing rapidly, the village remains its rustic and untouched beauty.

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Hai Tac Archipelago Explore Beauty

Hai Tac archipelago is the name of archipelago including 16 islands in which Tre isle is the biggest one. It is located at Tien Hai commune, Ha Tien district. It is about 28 km and 40 km far from Ha Tien mainland and Phu Quoc island respectively, Hai Tac is seen as strange destination with its  reality name
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Tho Chu archipelago in Phu Quoc

Tho Chu archipelago is tourist destinations ideal, about 100km away from Phu Quoc Island and 200km away from Rach Gia City of Kien Giang Province. It consists of eight islands, namely Tho Chu island, Kho islet, Nhan islet, Xanh islet, Tu islet, Cao islet, Cao Cat islet, and Mo islet.
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Ong Lang beach beauty romantic

Ong Lang beach is situated on the path from Duong Dong town to the North island. You can come here by moving along the winding red basaltic roads surrounding the lush green forests until you hear the gushing waves crashing onto rocks and potholes
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Thom Beach Pristine Beauty

Thom Beach is in the North of the Phu Quoc island. A very beautiful beach but sadly kind of deserted. Thom Beach hasn’t seen much development yet it interesting for the journey explore 
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Bai Khem wonderful beaches in Phu Quoc

Bai Khem Beach is a beautiful beach, about 7km from An Thoi Town, and 23km from the town of Duong Dong. This is an ideal place for tourists from the mainland, Bai Khem Beach is arc-shaped with long white and smooth sand emerging a lush green jungle and immense sea
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Visiting Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Visit to Nguyen Trung Truc Temple is definitely one of the most unforgettable things when to do in Phu Quoc. It's located at No. 8 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Vinh Thanh ward, Rach Gia city, Kien Giang province. The temple is located opposite the tranquil river
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Phu Quoc Pepper Gardens Explore

Phu Quoc island is destinations famous the beautiful beaches and romatic. Besides that, It well known by the largest pepper gardens in Mekong Delta. This island is dubbed the "kingdom of pepper". Thus, pepper is one 
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Phu Quoc Island Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island Vietnam This peaceful tropical paradise floats in the warm turquoise waters in the Gulf of Thailand, 50kms from the Vietnamese mainland and a 50 minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City.
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Visiting Coi Nguon Museum

Phu Quoc not only famous with the beach beauty but also is a beloved land region of the Vietnamese revolutionary pride, where there is a private museum called Coi Nguon museum, it showed the resplendent history of this land
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Fairy Stream explore in Phu Quoc

Fairy Stream is destinations famous in Phu Quoc, from the town of Duong Dong to the Rock Stream village about 5 km, where are the clear cool stream in the forest primeval 
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